Friday, May 11, 2007

Another entry about school

This is a photo of... guess what, a prison? You're close, try again. If you said a school you guessed right. It's the school where I go every day, the place where I vegetate but where I also waist(ed) my time and my childhood. School is a nightmare. We're forced to study and I can't take it any longer... I have to do the BCP thing until Monday, it's a big project at Biology on which I was supposed to work since the beginning of the year but because I was lazy I now I have to finish it in 2-3 days. I have intense feelings varying from very sad to very happy in short periods of time. I feel weird, but I can't wait vacation, that's for sure.
Thanks to school I can now sit on a chair and do nothing for more than 2 hours. I can dream and think about many things that keep me awake (literally) while looking at a wall or even at the teacher explaining things. I can "listen" to the teacher for hours and if you ask me what was all about I have no idea. If something unexpected happens in the classroom I suddenly wake up and look around because lessons and all the boring things are on "ignore". Teachers are complaining because they have to read boring assignments/homework/projects. I don't care!!! School is stupid and boring. It's their choice that they're still in school.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Daxflame's friends

I forgot to post this photo. I found it at school on the network and I also posted a video on youtube with this photo. If you don't know who daxflame is watch one of his videos: Tape face.