Thursday, June 28, 2007

What sucks at iPhone

I'm now working on my first personal flash website but I ran out of ideas.

Here's a list I made from different reviews on the web about what sucks at iPhone.

- no cut/copy paste
- no instant messenger
- it has a 2 mega pixel camera but cannot record video
- no card slot
- no 3G
- only 4 GB, unlike an regular iPod with 30 GB, at least is more than a shuffle! :) but let's not forget it's flash so you don't need to worry too much about shaking or dropping it as if it had an HDD
- can't easily transfer contacts from another cell phone, you can do it only through a computer
- 2 year contract
- slow internet connection
- at&t is the only carrier for iPhone at least 2 years from now
- the only add-on software will run directly from the Internet
- although you have an iPod included you can't set song as ring tones
- the battery is not removable
- it doesn't have overall search
- you can't jump to the top or bottom of a page only in the browser
- if you listen to a song while you're in another program you must go back to iPod to stop the song
- takes more steps to call someone than on other cell phones with real keyboard
- you must switch the virtual keyboard when you want a comma or period
- can't view flash websites
- you can open word and pdf documents but can't edit them
- doesn't have any game
- can't directly access iTunes Music Store directly from the iPhone
- very expensive ($499 the 4 GB one and $599 the 8 GB one)
- my greasy hands would leave marks all over the screen
- you can't do anything without looking at it
- doesn't have GPS
- doesn't make chocolate chip cookies

And that's pretty much it. I'll get one anyway.

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