Tuesday, April 24, 2007


I don't know why girls like so many options but I certainly don't. I always listen to the same music, buy the same sandwich, wear the same clothes. When I see a girl or a woman that can't decide what to choose I don't get angry only when is about computers, it takes me longer. I do believe variety makes our lives a little better but sometimes instead of trying something new and assuming the risk that I might not like it, I just pick the same old things that I know worked for me and always will. I think the best advice to give to somebody who is living an black & white life, living the same routine, doing the same things over and over like a robot is to tell him or her to do something different everyday. It would probably work for me too but I'm way to lazy to do something else and interrupt my everyday activity of wasting time in front of the computer. As a final note, I hope workaholics become robots and go to another planet.

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