Tuesday, July 17, 2007

iPhone for your grandma

Looks like Apple is working on some sort of an iPhone nano.

After all the success of the original iPod was based on it’s simplicity. It did just one thing - made your whole music library portable. But it did it real well.
So what if a simple iPod with lots of storage is enough? And what if Apple just added a simple phone capability to it, so you don’t have to carry two gadgets anywhere you go.

Just a simple iPod music player and a simple phone to make calls. Wouldn’t that be a great device?
Apple thinks so too and may just have such a device soon in an iPhone Nano form factor, as it’s recent patent filing called “Touch pad with symbols based mode” indicates.

>>entire article

Engadget sort of confirms this:

DigiTimes sources are now reporting that the iPod's capacitive touch-screen will be "less complicated" than the panel used for the current iPhone. No multi-touch?
Apple is definitely cooking something up.

Here's a video of an iPhone being etched. Apple doesn't provide laser engraving for the iPhone yet.

I'm talking about Apple products today so I want to mention that I just bought another iPod. My first iPod was stolen but I bought another one exactly the same: 30 GB, black. The ear buds are the same color but the leather case is black now. I like it more because it matches the color of the iPod and when it gets dirty you can't really tell, unlike the white one I had. The iPhone is currently too expensive for my patience and it doesn't have enough memory + all other problems and bugs, so I'm waiting for the second generation.

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